BAV has created Glacex© to provide appropriate structures to de-risk the funding of high-value projects and to help business innovators and investors create fair value deals for all the stakeholders. Research by BAV and its advisors also highlights 80–90% of transactions fail to secure sufficient funding to cover their initial start-up phase. Glacex© aims to help de-risk and assist projects to source funding at all stages when businesses need it.

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BAV provides consulting and specialised interim operations for investment-related projects; project teams are assembled and assiduously managed for clients, e.g. for systems build-out for global and niche players in the tech space. BAV teams have also been involved in strategic corporate consulting for mergers and acquisitions, other corporate restructuring, buyout and funding/financing transactions.

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Who Are We?

Bond Asian Ventures Limited. (BAV) a privately held entity, was established 24 years ago primarily as a facilitator of technology transfers and investments between businesses in the ‘West’ and the ‘East’, operating from Hong Kong and London. Its experience in assisting businesses to source appropriate risk funding for transactions has created a unique approach to de-risking projects and facilitating fair investment deals resulting in the formation of an innovative deal platform named Glacex. Today BAV focuses on assisting many sectors including Travel & Tourism, Property, Financial Institutions and infrastructure projects across the globe.


Next Steps...

BAV specialised interventions are characterised by expert teams and partners, drawn from its international network, business focus married to technical excellence, rigorous project management and most importantly, the right approach to risk management.